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Higher education is ever evolving—with a multitude of factors contributing to the changes. Course Hero’s Research Hub gathers data and insights directly from our community of millions of students and over 65,000 verified educators. Our goal is to inform and enhance understanding of students, educators, and the higher education landscape overall. We invite you to explore our series of data-backed reports to understand changes, trends, and important insights on the experiences of students, educators and the world of higher education.

Research Revealed: Views on Learning and Assessment

Students and educators weigh in on motivations, fair grading, and learning barriers in the hybrid world.

One Year Later: Coronavirus and the Cost of College

60% of college students still need help affording food and rent with only half believing they are getting their tuition's worth.

Faculty Wellness and Careers

More than half of college faculty report signs of professional burnout with 40% considering leaving their current jobs.

Student Wellness During COVID-19

College students in a “constant” state of anxiety aren’t getting mental health counseling despite studying more and sleeping less.

2020 Election Poll: Student Voting

How students planned to vote and which issues concerned them most in the recent presidential election.

State of the Student 2020

More than 40% of students report that their income has decreased due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19: Impact on Higher- Ed Students

Course Hero surveyed 14,000+ current higher-ed students to better understand their needs for emergency funds.